Gifts of Art July 1–December 31, 2010

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Gifts of Art

July 1–December 31, 2010

Irish Bar by Colleen BrowningIrish Bar, gouache on paper by Colleen Browning: Isabel C. Herdle. Pictured at left.

Korean or Japanese porcelain bowl, three glazed stoneware sake cups from the kiln of Hadano Segetsu, one stoneware teacup from the kiln of Kyoto Sakakibara with original signed wooden box, and a pair of slip-glazed Japanese sake cups: Alec Hazlett.

Constellation, Diminuendo (Black), Strange Fruit, Barcelona Bombing, Jazz Band, Upstate and I Recall the Dance, works on paper by Boris Gorelick: Rebecca A. Penneys.

Untitled porcelain by David Leach: Karen Peller Selwyn & Philip Alan Selwyn.

Maratta Color Study, oil on pre-printed paper by John Sloan: Grant Holcomb in memory of Helen Farr Sloan.

Yellow, Zimbabwe, Red and Babi Yar, acrylics on paper by Rosalyn A. Engelman: the artist.

Nyroca Ferina, color lithograph by John Gould; Ship Embellishments for Artists, etching and aquatint by William Henry Pyne; and Mauvis and L’Alouette and La Calandre, hand-colored engravings by François Nicolas Martinet: Greeba Klitgord.

Connection, color solarplate etching by Dan Welden: Print Club of Rochester.

Silver ladle (Versailles pattern) by Gorham Manufacturing Company: The Gallery Council.

General Store Fixtures Co. Building, watercolor on paper by Ralph Avery: Paul & Alexandra Vangellow.

DVF 8 211, monoprint by David Chamberlain: Scott Emerson Alexander.