Gifts of Art January 1-June 30, 2013

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Gifts of Art

January 1–June 30, 2013

isadoraVase of Flowers (1958), pastel drawing by Pablo Picasso, and Village Scene, painting attributed to Gillis de Winter: Clara Trowbridge Wolfard (bequest).

Lake Powell Memory – Silent Rain, (1998), porcelain sculpture by Wayne Higby: Grant Holcomb in honor of Memorial Art Gallery staff.

Beauty Crowds Me Till I Die (1994), collage by Lesley Dill: Grant Holcomb in memory of G. Porter Perham.

Ink drawing of Isadora Duncan (1909) by Abraham Walkowitz (pictured at right): Pamela and Paul Ness.

gilliam-200For “200” (1976) (pictured at left) and In Celebration (1989), serigraph prints by Sam Gilliam: Rosenberg-Passer Gift.

Stone Cloud (2012), porcelain and wood sculpture by Wayne Higby: The artist.

Woman in Polish Dress (1778) and Woman in a Pekin Dress (1779), fashion engravings by Pierre-Thomas LeClerc: John F. Menguy.

Yom Kippur Angel (1978), etching and aquatint by Leonard Baskin: Rochelle Cresov in memory of her husband, Gilbert F. Cresov.