Gifts of Art January 1–June 30, 2012

Gifts of Art

January 1–June 30, 2012

Seer Bonnet by Angela EllsworthSeer Bonnet XVI (Sarah Ann) (2010-11), sculpture made of 16,194 pearl corsage pins, steel, and fabric, by Angela Ellsworth: In honor of Marion J. Hawks by her family, by exchange; Mrs. Nathaniel T. Whitcomb, by exchange. Pictured at right.

Farmyard (1919), oil on canvas by Marguerite Zorach: Grace Harris, MD.*

Woman with Goats, watercolor by John Edward Costigan: Joseph Hellmuth in honor of the Hellmuth Family.

AA-145 (2010), color carborundum collograph by Tarrant Clements: Grant Holcomb in memory of Julianna Furlong Williams.

Print of Orpheus by Mirko PylyshenkoOrpheus (1970), woodcut by Wolodymyr (Mirko) Pylyshenko: Grant Holcomb in memory of Al Poulin. Pictured at left.

Interstate Highway 80, Ohio (1970), photographic serigraph by Larry Stark: Evar Len Miller.

Four Inuit stone sculptures: Sedna (1994) by Paul Toolooktook, Sedna (2006) by Nuveeya Ipeelie, Sedna (2002) by Oviloo Tunnillie and Face Transformation (1996) by Mayureak Ashoona: Charles Castleman.

Getting Hungry About This Time!, watercolor by John C. Wenrich: Louise Harris.

General Store Fixtures Company Building, Rochester, NY (1965?), watercolor by Ralph Avery: Paul and Alexandra Vangellow.

Pre-Columbian Peruvian wool and cotton textile fragment, after 1000 CE: Malcolm and Alice Nanes.

Deserted Garden (1962), color etching and aquatint by Lars Bo: Mrs. Edward C. Echols.