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George Angle

George Angle, longtime MAG supporter, died December 28 at age 94. George was a member of the MAG Board of Managers from 1959 until 1987, serving as Board president from 1966–68. He continued as a member of the Honorary Board until his death. He served on many MAG Board committees, including as chair of the Government Affairs Committee. Angle and his wife, Vee, were longtime members of the Director’s Circle.
George and Vee Angle
At the memorial service, Grant Holcomb, Director Emeritus, said: “His understanding of the Memorial Art Gallery, his role at the University of Rochester and his love of this community perhaps were all reflected in an unusual exhibition that we developed during my first years at the Gallery: entitled “Neo-Green” it was a laser-light show by artist Rockne Krebs.”

MAG Laser Show by Rockne Krebs“The artist’s multi-colored laser lights were set atop the tower of Cutler Union with one shooting across to a reflecting mirror atop the University’s Rush Rees Library on the River campus while another made direct contact with the tower at City Hall. To my mind, George was the laser atop Cutler Union: he nourished the museum, he understood the University and he cared for this community. In many ways, George Angle was our green laser line shooting across our lives—lives supported, lives enriched and lives enhanced by his presence.”

George Angle served as a University of Rochester administrator for more than 20 years. Read more on the University’s NewsCenter.

Photo of George and Vee above courtesy of the Rochester Area Community Foundation.